Day: March 11, 2019

It shall be lawful – means

In Julius v. Bishop of Oxford (1880) 5 A.C. 214 it was observed by Cairns, L.C., at pp. 222-223 that the words “it shall be lawful” conferred a faculty or power, and they did not of themselves do more than confer a faculty or power.


निर्वाण षट्कम मनोबुद्धयहंकारचित्तानि नाहम् – न च श्रोत्र जिह्वे न च घ्राण नेत्रे न च व्योम भूमिर्न तेजॊ न वायु: चिदानन्द रूप: शिवोऽहम् शिवोऽहम् ॥1॥ न च प्राण संज्ञो न वै पञ्चवायु: […]

Anand Kumar Sharma Vs. Bar Council of India through Secretary & Another-1/3/2019

Suppressing the fact at the time of seeking enrolment in the Bar Council pertains to being in Government service in the State of Himachal Pradesh and involvement in a criminal case and Subsequent acquittal cannot come to the rescue an applicant. Section 26 of the Advocates Act, 1961 confers power on the Bar Council of India to remove the name of a person who entered on the Roll of Advocates by misrepresentation.