New York State Laws [USA]

Constitution of the State of New York
Abandoned Property Law – ABP
Agriculture and Markets Law – AGM
Alcoholic Beverage Control Law – ABC
Alternative County Government Law – ACG
Arts and Cultural Affairs Law – ACA
Banking Law – BNK
Benevolent Orders Law – BVO
Business Corporation Law – BSC
Canal Law – CAL
Civil Practice Law and Rules – CVP
Civil Rights Law – CVR
Civil Service Law – CVS
Cooperative Corporations Law – CCO
Correction Law – COR
County Law – CNT
Criminal Procedure Law – CPL
Debtor and Creditor Law – DCD
Domestic Relations Law – DOM
Economic Development Law – COM
Education Law – EDN
Eminent Domain Procedure Law – EDP
Elder Law – ELD
Election Law – ELN
Energy Law – ENG
Environmental Conservation Law – ENV
Employers’ Liability Law – EML
Estates, Powers and Trusts Law – EPT
Executive Law – EXC
Financial Services Law – FIS
General Associations Law – GAS
General Business Law – GBS
General City Law – GCT
General Construction Law – GCN
General Municipal Law – GMU
General Obligations Law – GOB
Highway Law – HAY
Indian Law – IND
Insurance Law – ISC
Judiciary Law – JUD
Labor Law – LAB
Legislative Law – LEG
Lien Law – LIE
Limited Liability Company Law – LLC
Local Finance Law – LFN
Mental Hygiene Law – MHY
Military Law – MIL
Multiple Dwelling Law – MDW
Multiple Residence Law – MRE
Municipal Home Rule Law – MHR
Statute of Local Governments – SLG
Navigation Law – NAV
Not-For-Profit Corporation Law – NPC
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law – PAR
Partnership Law – PTR
Penal Law – PEN
Personal Property Law – PEP
Private Housing Finance Law – PVH
Public Authorities Law – PBA
Public Buildings Law – PBB
Public Health Law – PBH
Public Housing Law – PBG
Public Lands Law – PBL
Public Officers Law – PBO
Public Service Law – PBS
Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law – PML
Railroad Law – RRD
Rapid Transit Law – RAT
Real Property Law – RPP
Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law – RPA
Real Property Tax Law – RPT
Religious Corporations Law – RCO
Retirement and Social Security Law – RSS
Rural Electric Cooperative Law – REL
Second Class Cities Law – SCC
Social Services Law – SOS
Soil and Water Conservation Districts Law – SWC
State Finance Law – STF
State Law – STL
State Administrative Procedure Act – SAP
New York State Printing and Public Documents Law – PPD
State Technology Law – STT
Tax Law – TAX
Town Law – TWN
Transportation Law – TRA
Transportation Corporations Law – TCP
Uniform Commercial Code – UCC
Vehicle and Traffic Law – VAT
Workers’ Compensation Law – WKC
Court of Claims Act – CTC
Family Court Act – FCT
New York City Civil Court Act – CCA
New York City Criminal Court Act – CRC
Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act – SCP
Uniform City Court Act – UCT
Uniform District Court Act – UDC
Uniform Justice Court Act – UJC

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Thu Mar 21 , 2019
One or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all if: 1. the class is so numerous that joinder of all members, whether otherwise required or permitted, is impracticable; 2. there are questions of law or fact common to the class which predominate over any questions affecting only individual members; 3. the claims or […]

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