Day: March 22, 2019

Right to sue means

The statute of Limitation was intended to provide a time limit for all suits conceivable. Section 3 of the Limitation Act provides that a suit, appeal or application instituted after the prescribed […]

Chance witness

On scrutiny of the below decisions, we find that the Hon’ble Apex Court has specifically observed that presence of witness was doubtful and no reliance can be placed on such chance witness.

Dhammapada – Pali

तिपिटक (मूल) – Thre Baskets [Chambers] I. The Pairs ( 1-20) II. Heedfulness (21-32) III. The Mind (33-43) IV. Flowers (44-59) V. The Fool (60-75) VI. The Wise Man (76-89) VII. The […]


The term `employment’ used in Article 319 of the Constitution fell for consideration before the Hon’ble Full Bench of Rajasthan High Court in Har Govind Pant’s case (supra). The observations made in […]

Public functionary

“Public functionary” is defined in Section-2(m) as under: 2 (m) “public functionary’ means a person who is or has been at any time- (i) the Chief Minister or a Minister (ii) a […]


It is well-known that the idea of establishment of Office of Lokpal and Lokayuktas came from Justitio Ombudsman, commonly called, Just Ombudsman, prevalent in European countries where such Office was established as […]

Lokpal Laws in In India

It extends to the whole of India and it shall apply to all public servants in and outside India. Jurisdiction Jurisdiction of Lokpal to include Prime Minister, Ministers, members of Parliament, Groups A, B, C and D officers and officials of Central Government. Complaint […]