Quranic verses referring to killing of Jews, Christians and Unbelievers to be obsoleted in the line of Vatican II

The following manifesto has been signed by 300 prominent intellectuals and politicians, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Manuel Valls :

“This terror is spreading”

“Anti-Semitism is not the business of the Jews, it is everyone’s business. The French, whose democratic maturity has been measured after each Islamist attack, are living a tragic paradox. Their country has become the theater of deadly anti-Semitism. This terror spreads, provoking both popular condemnation and a media silence that the recent white march has helped break.

When a Prime Minister at the National Assembly platform declares, to the applause of the whole country, that France without the Jews, it is no longer France , it is not a beautiful consoling phrase but a solemn warning: our European history, and particularly French, for geographical, religious, philosophical, legal reasons, is deeply linked to various cultures among which Jewish thought is decisive. In our recent history, eleven Jews have been murdered – and some tortured – because Jews, by radical Islamists.

“Low-level ethnic cleansing”

However, the denunciation of Islamophobia – which is not anti-Arab racism to fight – conceals the figures of the Ministry of the Interior: the French Jews are 25 times more likely to be attacked than their fellow Muslims. 10% of the Jewish citizens of Ile-de-France – that is to say about 50,000 people – were recently forced to move because they were no longer safe in some cities and because their children do not could attend school of the Republic more. This is a low-noise ethnic cleansing in the country of Emile Zola and Clemenceau.

Why this silence ? Because Islamist radicalization – and the anti-Semitism it conveys – is considered exclusively by some of the French elites as the expression of a social revolt, whereas the same phenomenon is observed in societies as different as Denmark. , Afghanistan, Mali or Germany … Because the old anti-Semitism of the extreme right, is added the anti-Semitism of a part of the radical left that found in anti-Zionism the alibi to transform the executioners of the Jews as victims of society. Because electoral baseness calculates that the Muslim vote is ten times higher than the Jewish vote .

“We expect the Islam of France to lead the way”

But in the white march for Mireille Knoll, there were imams aware that Muslim anti-Semitism is the greatest threat to the Islam of the twenty-first century and the world of peace and freedom in which they chose to live. . They are, for the most part, under police protection, which says a lot about the terror that Islamists reign over Muslims in France.

Therefore, we ask that the verses of the Quran referring to the killing and punishment of Jews, Christians and unbelievers be obsoleted by theological authorities, as were the incoherencies of the Bible and the Catholic anti-Semite abolished by the Vatican. II, so that no believer can rely on a sacred text to commit a crime.

We expect the Islam of France to lead the way. We demand that the fight against the democratic bankruptcy of anti-Semitism become a national cause before it is too late. Before France is no longer France. “

The list of signatories

Eliette ABECASSIS; Richard ABITBOL; Ruth ABOULKHEIR; André ABOULKHEIR; Laura ADLER; Paul AIDANE; Waleed AL-HUSSEINI; Mohamed ALI KACIM; Michèle ANAHORY; François ARDEVEN; Pierre ARDITI; Janine ATLOUNIAN; Muriel ATTAL; Charles AZNAVOUR; Elisabeth BADINTER; Patrick BANTMAN; Laurence BANTMAN; Adrien BARROT; Stephane BARSACQ; Maurice BARTELEMY; Stéphane BEAUDET; Patrick BEAUDOUIN; Annette BECKER; Florence BEN SADOUN; Georges BENSOUSSAN; Gerard BENSUSSAN; Alain BENTOLILA; André BERCOFF; Aurore BERGE; François BERLEAND; Françoise BERNARD; Florence BERTHOUD; Naem BESTANDJI; Muriel BEYER; Jean BIRENBAUM; Claude BIRMAN; Joelle BLUMBERG; Marion BLUMEN; Lise BOËLL; Jeannette BOUGRAB; Céline BOULAY-ESPERONNIER; Michel BOULEAU; Laurent BOUVET; Lise BOUVET; Fatiha BOYER; Anne BRANDY; Caroline BRAY-GOYON; Zabou BREITMAN; Claire BRIERE-BLANCHET; Jean-Paul BRIGHELLI; Pascal BRUCKNER; Laura BRUHL; Daniel BRUN; Carla Bruni ; François CAHEN; Séverine CAMUS; Jean-Claude CASANOVA; Bernard CAZENEUVE; Hassen CHALGHOUMI; Catherine CHALIER; Elsa CHAUDUN; Evelyne CHAUVET; Ilana CICUREL; Eric CIOTTI; Gilles CLAVREUL; Brigitte-Fanny COHEN; Marc COHEN; Jonathan COHEN; Danielle COHEN-LEVINAS; Antoine COMPAGNON; Jacqueline COSTA-LASCOUX; Brice COUTURIER; Fabrice D’ALMEIDA; Eliane DAGANE; Gérard DARMON; Marielle DAVID; William DE CARVALHO; Elisabeth DE FONTENAY; Xavier DE GAULLE; Bernard DE LA VILLARDIERE; Bertrand DELANOË; Richard DELL’AGNOLA; Chantal DELSOL; Gérard Depardieu ; Guillaume DERVIEUX; Patrick DESBOIS PERE; Alexandre DEVECCHIO; Bouna DIAKHABY; Marie-Laure DIMON; Joseph DORE MGR; Daniel DRAÏ; Michel DRUCKER; Richard DUCOUSSET; Stéphane DUGOWSON; Martine DUGOWSON; Frédéric DUMOULIN; David DUQUESNE; Frédéric ENCEL; Raphael ENTHOVEN; Francis ESMENARD; Christian ESTROSI; Elise FAGJELES; Roger FAJNZYLBERG; Luc FERRY; Alain FINKIELKRAUT; Pascal FIORETTO; Marc-Olivier FOGIEL; Renée FREGOSI; Michel GAD WOLKOWICZ; Aliou GASSAMAL; Lucile GELLMAN; Jasmine GETZ; Sammy GHOZLAN; Jean GLAVANY; Bernard GOLSE; Roland GORI; Marine GOZLAN; Olivia GREGOIRE; Mohamed GUERROUMI; Ghislaine GUERRY; Olivier GUEZ; Lydia GUIROUS; Talila GUTEVILLE; Patrick GUYOMARD; Noémie HALIOUA; Francoise Hardy ; Frederic HAZIZA; Jean-Luc HEES; Serge HEFEZ; François HEILBRONN; Marie IBN ARABI-BLONDEL; Aliza JOBES; Arthur JOFFE; Michel JONASZ; Christine JORDIS; Dany JUCAUD; Liliane KANDEL KARIM; David KHAYAT; Catherine KINTZLER; Alain KLEINMANN; Marc KNOBEL; Haim KORSIA; Julia KRISTEVA; Rivon KRYGIER; Estelle KULICH; Philippe LABRO; Alexandra LAIGNEL-LAVASTINE; Lilianne LAMANTOWICZ; Jack LANG; Joseph LAROCHE; Damien LE GUAY; Daniel LECONTE; Barbara LEFEBVRE; Yoann LEMAIRE; Pierre LESCURE; Bernard-Henri LEVY; Maurice LEVY; Stéphane LEVY; Michèle LEVY-SOUSSAN; Marceline LORIDAN-IVENS; Christine LOTERMAN; Patrick LOTERMAN; Enrico MACIAS; Richard MALKA; Wladi MAMANE; Yves MAMOU; Juliette MEADEL; Sylvie MEHAUDEL; Yael MELLUL; Françoise-Anne MENAGER; Daniel MESGUICH; Richard METZ; Habib MEYER; Radu MIHAILEANU; Yann MOIX; Antoine MOLLERON; Thibault MOREAU; Jean-Jacques MOSCOVITZ; Slim MOUSSA; Laurent MUNNICH; Lionel NACCACHE; Marc NACHT; Aldo NAOURI; Xavier NIEL; Sophie NIZARD; Anne-Sophie NOGARET; Karina OBADIA; Jean-Pierre OBIN; Edith OCHS; Christine ORBAN; Olivier ORBAN; Marc-Alain OUAKNIN; Yann PADOVA; Brigitte PASZT; Dominique PERBEN; André PERRIN; Serge PERROT; Laurence PICARD; Céline PINA; François PINAULT; Jean-Robert PITTE; Nidra POLLER; Richard PRASQUIER; Michael PRAZAN; Nadège PULJAK; Jean-François RABAIN; Marianne RABAIN-LEBOVICI; Ruben RABINOVITCH; Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN; Christiane RANCE; Jean-Jacques RASSIAL; Renaud RENAUD; Jean-Louis REPELSKI; Solange REPLESKI; Ivan RIOUFOL; Jacob ROGOZINSKI; Olivier ROLIN; Marie-Helene ROUTISSEAU; Catherine ROZENBERG; Philippe RUSZNIEWSKI; Boualem SANSAL; Georges-Elia SARFAT; Nicolas SARKOZY; Josiane SBERRO; Jean-Paul SCARPITTA; Eric-Emmanuel SCHMITT; Dominique SCHNAPPER; André SENIK; Joann SFAR; Vadim SHER; Stéphane SIMON; Patricia SITRUK; Jean-François SOLAL; Paule STEINER; Jean-Benjamin STORA; Francis SZPINER; Anne SZULMAJSTER; Pierre-André TAGUIEFF; Maud TANACHNIK; Jacques TARNERO; Michel TAUBER; Daniel TECHNIO; Julien TROKINER; Cosimo TRONO; Monette VACQUIN; Henri VACQUIN; Philippe VAL; Caroline VALENTIN; Manuel VALLS; Sibyle VEIL; Jacques VENDROUX; Natacha VITRAT; Sabrina VOLCOT-FREEMAN; Régine WAINTRATER; Laurent WAUQUIEZ; Aude WEILL-RAYNAL; Simone WIENER; Annette WIEVIORKA; Jean-Pierre WINTER; Jacques WROBEL; André ZAGURY; Alain ZAKSAS; Paul ZAWADZKIv Marc ZERBIB; Céline ZINS; Jean-Claude ZYLBERSTEIN. Natacha VITRAT; Sabrina VOLCOT-FREEMAN; Régine WAINTRATER; Laurent WAUQUIEZ; Aude WEILL-RAYNAL; Simone WIENER; Annette WIEVIORKA; Jean-Pierre WINTER; Jacques WROBEL; André ZAGURY; Alain ZAKSAS; Paul ZAWADZKIv Marc ZERBIB; Céline ZINS; Jean-Claude ZYLBERSTEIN. Natacha VITRAT; Sabrina VOLCOT-FREEMAN; Régine WAINTRATER; Laurent WAUQUIEZ; Aude WEILL-RAYNAL; Simone WIENER; Annette WIEVIORKA; Jean-Pierre WINTER; Jacques WROBEL; André ZAGURY; Alain ZAKSAS; Paul ZAWADZKIv Marc ZERBIB; Céline ZINS; Jean-Claude ZYLBERSTEIN.

Published on  April 21, 2018 [French daily Le Parisien]


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