Haqqani Network

The Haqqani Network is an Afghan and Pakistani insurgent group described as one of the most powerful and violent organizations in the region. The immediate objective of the Haqqani Network is the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, and the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan through the overthrow of the Karzai administration. Controlling the security environment in Afghanistan and cultivating the global Jihadist movement are also priorities of the Network. The Haqqani Network poses a significant local threat to Afghan and coalition forces, as well as innocent civilians in its area of operations. The Haqqani Network has been responsible for many of the highest-profile attacks in Afghanistan. According to official American estimates, Haqqani Network operations account for about one-tenth of attacks on coalition troops, and about 15 percent of casualties. The Haqqani Network was the first group to adopt the use of suicide bombers for attacks in Afghanistan. The Haqqani Network uses large vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), suicide vests, and swarming attacks, which capture headlines and create doubts about the ability of Afghan forces to protect its civilians without North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) support. The Haqqani Network specializes in coordinated attacks. It has carried out a series of tactically sophisticated complex attacks, often directly assaulting coalition facilities.

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