Gourânga mahaprabhu

Sree Krishna Chaitanya

“jiniyâ kandarpa koti roop manohar, prati ange niroopom lâbonya sundar.”
Meaning – “He is so gorgeous that He defeats millions of Kandarpas (Love-gods), and each part of His body oozes incomparably beautiful sparkling lâvanya.”

 As per Gour-Pada Tarangini  –

“Gourânga’s complexion is like a mass of extremely hot pure gold – every part of His body is so tremendously handsome! The soles of His feet are beautiful like a host of blood red lotuses, on which ten toes dazzle with incomparable beauty. His toe-nails are as radiant as the moon of the Sharad season, while His knees, heels, thighs – all are heart-stealing. He looks like a casket of gold, with His legs being the repose of all beauty. His thighs are like plantain trunks – they are so masculine!

Silk robe adorns His broad hips, while His waist is thin like the stamen of a flower. His belly is like a Peepul leaf, His chest is muscular and raised, His legs are long, and His very strong arms ooze gold. His arms are adorned with bangles, His palms are rosier than Hibiscus, and His sweetness weaves magic on Kandarpa dev.

His nails are shaped like half-moons, and they are so brilliant, that on seeing them, gem-mirrors run away in shame. His neck is like that of a lion, and sport three lines, upon which His lips rest beautifully like a bândhuli flower. His cheeks shine like gold mirrors, His teeth are like rows of pearls, His nose is like the sesame flower, His eyebrows are like the bows of Kâmdev, and His hair arranges in handsome curls around His face.

His eyes are like fresh and pure lotus, and the pupils resemble black bees. His eyes are always pink and full of tears. His ears are handsome like the bow-strings of the Love-gods, and gem-earrings dangle from them. His hair is soft, smooth, pitch black, glossy and extremely sparkling.
His face is smiling like a fully bloomed lotus, it is the source of millions of precious excellences, and His teeth flash so brightly that they put kunda1-flowers to shame.

As it is, He is so gorgeous that He mesmerizes the universe, in addition He resembles a great dancer who is an expert in inventing new songs and dances everyday. When He raises both His arms and gyrates in bhâv, He looks like countless flashes of lightning. Whosoever sees His beauty at that moment, will forget all dharma and adharma. He will only float in the ras of bliss! Poet Premdâs says that he is but a mere mortal, therefore he too has discarded all dharma and adharma, and surrendered at the lotus feet of Gourânga”.