Holy Name

The Rig Ved has stated –

“om âhasya jânanto nâma chidviviktan mahaste vishno sumatim bhajâmahe om tatsadityâdi.” – (1.156.3)

Srimat Jiva Goswâmipâd has explained this verse as follows –

“O Vishno! Your name is conscious and hence self-manifested. If we do not realize the correct way to pronounce it or entirely comprehend its glory – if we know only little bit of its of its magnificence and continue to chant we shall gain knowledge about You”

How to chant the Holy Name?

The instruction of  Sree Krishnaya Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is worth mentioning –

“How should we chant the Holy Name so that we gain prem? O Swarup and Râma Roy, Listen to the process! We should be lower than a blade of grass and as tolerant as a tree, we should not expect any respect from others, yet respect everybody – in this manner we should constantly chant the Holy Name.”

“We should be superior in all respects, yet consider ourselves more useless than a blade of grass. We should be tolerant like a tree in two ways – a tree never protests even when it is cut, it dies of thirst, yet does not beg for water. In spite of this, it gives its wealth to whosoever asks for it. It bears the heat and rain, yet offers shelter to others. Similarly a Vaishnav should be superior and yet devoid of false ego. We should respect all living beings knowing that Sri Krishna is present in them.
When we chant the Holy Name in this manner, we gain love for the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.”