Pranav is the call name of Omkar

Brahman and Pranav are non-different from each other. Taittiriya Upanishad (1.8) has said –

“om iti brahma, om iti idam sarvam.”
Meaning – “Omkâr alone is Brahman and Omkâr is everything else.”

Again Pranav is the nick name of Brahman. Pranav as ‘nâm’ or name and Brahman as ‘nâmi’ or object. In the material world, an object is different from its name. The name does not have any quality of the object it describes.

However things work differently in the spiritual world. The nâm and the nâmi are non-different.

“vâchyatvam vâcchakatvancha devatân-mantrayoriha,
abhedenyochyate brahman tattva vidbhirvicharitah.”

Meaning – “The devatâ is the noun and his nâm-mantra describes that noun. The wise philosophers, after analysis, glorify the nâm-mantra to be non-different from the respective devatâ.”

Pranabv is a Vedic word