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Question Papers

Bullet  Law Question Bank for Indian College Examinations and Judicial Services

Bullet MCQs-Objective Question Papers [Multiple-choice]

Bullet Model law question papers [Beginner Level]

Course Syllabus

Bullet Syllabus for College-University and Service Examinations


  1. Advocatetanmoy Judicial Dictionary
  2. Advocatetanmoy Sanskrit Dictionary
  3. Advocatetanmoy Statutory Definitions
  4. Bengali to English Translation Dictionary
  5. Basic Information and Cyber Law Glossary
  6. Courtroom Vocabulary
  7. Custom Glossary
  8. Dictionary of Statutory Interpretation
  9. English Vocabulary for Lawyers
  10. Glossary Indian Evidence Act
  11. Glossary under the Criminal Procedure Rules 2020
  12. Indian Equity Market Vocabulary
  13. Indian election glossary
  14. Information Technology Glossary
  15. Legal Glossary: Roscoe Pound
  16. Legal Maxims applied in Indian Courts
  17. Mutual Fund Vocabulary [Indian]
  18. Ordinary Sanskrit English Dictionary
  19. Sanskrit Glossary of Indian Logic
  20. Shorter Legal Dictionary
  21. Sanskrit Dictionary of Bhagavadgita[Gita]
  22. Vocabulary used in Indian Contract Act


Bullet Encyclopedia Of Legal Principles


  1. Constitutional Law- Bibliography
  2. Hindu Law- Bibliography
  3. Intellectual Property Rights-Bibliography
  4. International Law- Bibliography
  5. Jurisprudence- Bibliography
  6. Land, Land Reform and Tenancy Law: Bibliography
  7. Law and Legal Reasoning – Bibliography
  8. Law of Torts-Bibliography
  9. Law of Equity- Bibliography
  10. Muslim Law- Bibliography
  11. Property Law: Bibliography

Instructions for Trial Judges

  1. Appreciation of evidence in criminal cases
  2. Examination Of The Accused U/s 313 Of Cr.P.C
  3. How to write Judgment in criminal cases
  4. How do judges decide disputes?
  5. Law Points on Judgment Writing
  6. Judges and the manners of passing Judgement: Montesquieu
  7. Personal interest of a judge


  1. Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers: UN Congress in Havana 1990
  2. English for Lawyers
  3. Independence of lawyers and guarantees for their functioning
  4. Law of Advocacy
  5. Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette of Indian Lawyers


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