Dawood’s aide Moti faces extradition trial to the US in Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London

July 04 2019: During the ongoing extradition trial of 51-year-old Jabir Moti, a “high-ranking member of D-Company”, Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on Wednesday[July 03 2019] heard that Dawood, wanted for coordinated bombings in Mumbai in 1993 that killed more than 200 people, is currently in exile in Pakistan.

“The head of D-Company is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim currently in exile in Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim and his brother and top lieutenant, Anis Ibrahim, have been fugitives from India since 1993, when D-Company was implicated in coordinated bombings in Mumbai that killed more than 200 people,” according to excerpts of a US Attorney’s affidavit for extradition read out by Moti’s barrister, Edward Fitzgerald.

“The present investigation has revealed that Jabir Motiwala is a top lieutenant in D-Company who reports directly to Dawood,” he added.

Fitzgerald was trying to establish that his client being linked by the US authorities to Dawood and D-Company would mean he would be subjected to “special administrative measures” (SAMs) at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in New York, which would involve isolation and put him at the risk of harm due to his suicidal tendencies.

Dawood, who heads a vast and multifaceted illegal business, has emerged as India’s most wanted terrorist after the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Dawood’s aide Moti faces extradition to the US on charges of money laundering, extortion and conspiracy to import unlawful substances such as heroine.

Moti was arrested by Scotland Yard officers from a London hotel in August 2018 in connection with a US grand jury indictment following an extensive FBI investigation.