A petulant lament devoid of introspection. In the days and weeks that followed, Rahul made it clear to party leaders that his decision to resign was no ritual; he was not budging from it. What was not clear — to either party insiders or observers outside — was why Rahul was insisting on resigning. Was it out of genuine penitence for a campaign strategy that had failed to work? Was it because he was stung by the (far from new) criticism about the ill-effects of “dynasty” on the fortunes of the Congress? Was it part of a well-thought-out road map at a critical juncture for himself and his party? Or was it a result of pique and frustration, a ‘let’s see how well you can do without me’ dare to those who may have had misgivings about his leadership?

The Telegraph:  8.07.2019


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