Global Banking Laws

Photo By: Deborah W. Campos, World Bank


BULLET 2 Financial Regulations and Rules of the United Nations

Through its Financial Regulations, the General Assembly issues the broad legislative directives governing the financial management of the United Nations. The revised Financial Regulations were approved by the Assembly in section IV of its resolution 67/246. In accordance with that resolution, the revised Financial Regulations shall take effect as from 1 July 2013, provided that, as a transitional measure, the regulations relating to the preparation and reporting of financial statements shall not be implemented for the regular budget, trust funds and reserves and special accounts, other than peacekeeping accounts, until 1 January 2014.

BULLET 2 Bank for International Settlements

BULLET 2 World Bank

The World Bank is an international organization, comprised of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), that provides financial and technical assistance to client countries. The mission of the World Bank is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. Justice and the rule of law are key to achieving these twin goals. A lack of justice is a central dimension of poverty, and increasing evidence points to the importance of accountable and effective justice institutions in creating the enabling environment for a range of development outcomes – from improved basic services to increased private sector investment and reduced corruption (UNO)


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