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Brouhaha- noisy reaction

The grapevine was abuzz that Garg’s unceremonious exit was linked to the brouhaha over the flotation of foreign currency-denominated sovereign bonds, which finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced with great fanfare in her maiden budget less than three weeks ago.

It appeared that Garg — a fierce proponent of the sovereign bond plan — was being turned into a fall guy and being demoted to power secretary with almost a year left before he retired. [The Telegraph: 26.07.19]

If this be so, as it so seems, then the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the entire brouhaha in the top court and the ensuing adverse effects, was no one’s fault really, but in fact was – really – the fault of India, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, TTP, Ashraf Ghani, PML-N and PPP because, hey after all, why were they happy? [The Dawn 30/11/2019]

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