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Hinduise all politics and militarise Hindudom was the Massage of V.D Savarkar in 1941


25th May 1941

FROM SEVERAL Hindu Sanghatanist quarters a pressing request is being made to me to send some public message on the occasion of this my 59th birthday. Instead of writing to them severally, I think it will serve the purpose better and will spare me my time more if I send a common message to the Hindu public in general.

My message to Hindudom on the eve of this 59th birthday of mine is to the effect that:-

Hinduise All Politics


Militraize Hindudom !!

The Hindus should henceforth test all national and international politics and policies through the Hindu point of view alone. Whatever policy or political event contributes to safeguard and promote Hindu interests must be backed up by the Hindus and whatever is likely to prove detrimental to Hindu interests must be condemned and opposed by the Hindus. In as much as the Hindus do not ask anything more than what is legitimately due to them on principles of equity and equality, Hindu interests must of necessity be consistent with the demands and contents of genuine nationalism, and even humanism.

Let the Hindus therefore as an immediate step to give effect to this Hinduised political progress, elect only those Hindus to represent them in the Legislatures and all other political bodies as Hindu representatives who pledge themselves openly and uncompromisingly to safeguard, to defend, and to promote uncompromisingly the interests of Hindudom as a whole. Thus firstly Hinduise all politics.

And secondly, as the first and immediate step to militarize Hindudom, let every Hindu youth who is capable to stand the test, try his best to enter the army, the navy and the air force or get the training and secure employment in the ammunition factories and in all other branches connected with war crafts.

Unforeseen facilities are being thrown open to you. Unexpected opportunities have presented themselves before you. You help no one else more than you help yourselves if you utilise these facilities and opportunities to militarize Hindudom! This done, everything else shall follow: if you miss this, nothing else shall avail!

This sums up the whole programme and the supreme duty of the hour.

Hinduise all politics and militarise Hindudom!!—and the resurrection of our Hindu Nation is bound to follow it as certainly as the Dawn follows the darkest hour of Night!


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