Making of a false document

Order to attract Section 463 I.P. Code, there must, therefore, be making of a false document with the intention mentioned in that section. By Section 464 it is provided :

“A person is said to make a false document –

Firstly. – Who dishonestly or fraudulently makes, signs, seals or executes a document or part of a document, or makes any mark denoting the execution of a document, with the intention of causing it to be believed that such document or part of a document was made, signed, sealed or executed by or by the authority of a person by whom or by whose authority he knows that it was not made signed sealed or executed, or at a time at which he knows that was not made signed, sealed or executed; or

Secondly. – Who, without lawful authority, dishonestly or fraudulently, by cancellation or otherwise, alters a document in any material part thereof, after it has been made or executed either by himself or by any other person, whether such person be living or dead at the time of such alteration; or

Thirdly. – who dishonestly or fraudulently causes any person to sign, seal, execute or alter a document, knowing that such person by reason of unsoundness of mind or intoxication cannot, or that by reason of deception practised upon him, he does not know the contents of the document or the nature of the alteration”.

Making of a false document by a person in all the three clauses must be done dishonestly or fraudulently and with the necessary intention or knowledge contemplated by the three clauses.

Rama Rao And Anr. vs Narayan And Anr – 20/12/1968