PROPHET MUHAMMAD [Fact Book]MCQ’s with Answer

  1. 1 Lac companions accompanied Prophet at last Hajj.
  2. 10 is the number of Uncles and 6 aunts.
  3. 10th Nabvi was called Aam-ul-Hazan (year of grief).
  4. 25 Doors are in Masjid –e-Haram, the most important door of Kaaba is Babul Salam.
  5. 27 total no of Ghazwas.
  6. 35 was the age at the time of Hajr-i-Aswad incident.
  7. 4 kings accepted Islam when holy prophet sent them letters.
  8. A group of Madina met Prophet in 11th Nabvi.
  9. Aamina belonged to Bani Zohra tribe.
  10. Abdul Mutalib died in 579 A.D.
  11. Abu-al-Hikm is the title of Abu Jehl.
  12. Aby Ubaiduh Bin Jiirrah was entitled Ameen-ul Ummat.
  13. Accord of Uqba took place in 13th Nabvi.
  14. After 18 month at Madina of change of Qibla occurred.
  15. After 6 years of the birth of Holy prophet Bibi Aamna died.
  16. After 7 days the Aqeeqa ceremony of Prophet was held.
  17. After 8 years of the birth of Prophet Abdul Muttalib died.
  18. After Amina’s death, Ummay Aimen looked after Prophet.
  19. After Harb-e-Fajjar, Prophet took part in Halaf-ul-Fazul.
  20. Al-Kaswa is the name of Camel on which prophet traveled.
  21. Allah Rasool Muhammad
  22. Ambassadors sent to Arab& other countries in 7th Hijra.
  23. Amina was buried at Abwa b/w Makkah & Madina.
  24. Among uncles Abbas & Hamza embraced Islam.
  25. Ashaab-e-Sufah: Muhajirs who stayed near Masjid-e-Nabvi.
  26. At 25 Prophet married to Hazrat Khadija.
  27. At age of 40 holy Prophet received first Wahi.
  28. At Koh-e-Safa, Prophet addressed after conquest of Makkah.
  29. At Masjid Al Khaif (Mina) almost 70 prophets are buried.
  30. At Masjid-e-Nabvi first Muslim University was established.
  31. At the age of 15, Herb-e-Fajjar took place.
  32. Bahira Syrian Christian saint recognized prophet as last prophet.
  33. Bait-e-Rizwan is also known as Bait-e-Shajra made under Keekar tree.
  34. Bait-e-Rizwan took place in 6th Hijrah.
  35. Baitul Mamoor is on 7th Heaven.
  36. Baitul Mamur is a place where seventy thousand angles were circumambulation during the Holy Ascension.
  37. Besides Hazrat Haleema (RA) Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Umme-e-Aemon is also my mother.
  38. Bibi Amna suckled Prophet for 3 days.
  39. Bilal called first aazan of Fajr prayer.
  40. Cave of Hira is 3 miles from Makkah.
  41. Cave of Hira is in Jabal-e-Noor Mountain.
  42. Cave of Soar is located near Makkah 5 miles.
  43. Change of Qibla occurred on 15 Shaban,2 A.H(Monday)(during Zuhr)
  44. Charter of Madina was issued on 1 A.H it had 57 Articles.
  45. Companions of Prophet at Hudabiya were 1400.
  46. Construction of Masjid-e-Nabvi started Rabiulawal, 1 A.H.
  47. Da’ia of the Prophet was Shifa who was mother of Abdul Rehman bin Auf.
  48. During Hijrat Saraqa bin Sajjal spied.
  49. Facsimile of the Prophet Mus’ab bin Umair.
  50. Father’s name, Hazat Abdullah.
  51. Fatima died after 6 Months (age=31,11 A.H) Prophet.
  52. First Azan was called out in 1 A.H.
  53. First father-in-law of Prophet was Khawalid.
  54. First forster mother was Sobia who was mother of Hamza.
  55. First Ghazwah of Islam was Widan (Abwa), fought in 12th month of First Hijrah.
  56. First man to embrace Islam on the eve of Fatah-e-Makka was Abu Sufyan.
  57. First non-arab to embrace Islam Farwah bin Umro
  58. First place from where Prophet openly started his preaching Jabl Faran or Mount Safa.
  59. First to migrate to Madina (first muhajir) Abu Salam.
  60. For six years Haleema took care of Prophet.
  61. For two years Abdul Mutalib took care of Prophet.
  62. Foster father of Prophet was Haris.
  63. Friday is known as Sayeed Ul Ayam.
  64. Friend of Khadija Nafeesa carried message of Nikah.
  65. Grandmother name, Fatima.
  66. Harb-i-Fajjar was a war fought b/w Quraish and Bani Hawazin Prophet was of 15 years and participated in it.
  67. Hashim was grand father of prophet & brother of Muttalib.
  68. Hazrat Abu Bakar accepted first in Men.
  69. Hazrat Adam met with Holy Prophet on the first heaven.
  70. Hazrat Ali accepted first in Children.
  71. Hazrat Ali Conquered the fort of Qamus.
  72. Hazrat Bilal Habshi was the first slave to accept Islam.
  73. Hazrat Haleema looked after the holy prophet for 4 years.
  74. Hazrat Haleema was the foster mother of Holy Prophet.
  75. Hazrat Harron on 5th.
  76. Hazrat Ibraheem on 7th.
  77. Hazrat Idrees on 4th.
  78. Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Yahya on 2nd.
  79. Hazrat Khadija accepted Islam first in Women and in all.
  80. Hazrat Khadija and Hazrat Abu Talib died in 619.
  81. Hazrat Musa on 6th.
  82. Hazrat Umar proposed Azan for the first time.
  83. Hazrat Yaqub on 3rd.
  84. Herb-e-Fajjar means war fought in the probihited months.
  85. Hijra took place in 13th Nabvi.
  86. Holy Prophet demised at the age of 63.
  87. Holy prophet had 4 daughters and 3 sons.
  88. Holy prophet labored in the formation of Masjid-e-Quba.
  89. Holy Prophet was born in 571 A.D 22nd April ( Day__ Monday).
  90. Home of Hazrat Arqam (RA) used as the centre of secret preaching by the holy prophet.
  91. How many years after the birth of Holy Prophet (SAW), Hazrat Aamina died? Six years
  92. Hurrirah means a cat.
  93. Idols in Kaba before Islam numbered 360.
  94. In 622 A.D Holy Prophet migrated to madina.
  95. In 7th Nabvi boycott of Banu Hashim began.
  96. In Miraj Jibrael called Aazan in Baitul Muqadas.
  97. In miraj Prophet traveled from Baitul Muqadas to Sidratul Mantaha.
  98. In sixth year of Hijrah, Prophet intended for Umrah.
  99. Islamic official seal started on 1st Muharram, 7 A.H
  100. Jang Badr occurred in 2 A.H. 313 Muslims fought in battle.
  101. Jehad was allowed in 2nd Hijrah.
  102. Jewish tribe of Banu Nuzair expelled from Madina in 4th H.
  103. Kalsoom bin al_Hadam gave land for Quba mosque
  104. King of Byzantine in 7th Hijra was Hercules.
  105. King of Iran tore away the message of Prophet.
  106. Lady named Zainab tried to poison the Holy Prophet.
  107. Last to migrate to Madina was Abbas.
  108. Makkah conquest occurred in 8th year of Hijra.
  109. Masaira a slave of Khadija accompanied Prophet to Syria.
  110. Masjid-e-Zarar was built by Hyporcrites at Madina.
  111. Maternal Grand Father’s name Wahib bins Abdul Munnaf.
  112. Maternal Grandmother, Batarah.
  113. Medina is 338 Km from Makkah. (210 miles)
  114. Migration from Mecca to Abyssinia took place in the 7th month of the 5th year of the mission i.e 615 A.d. The total number of migrated people was 15 (11 men and 4 women).
  115. Moawakhat (the brotherhood) took place in 2nd Hijra.
  116. Month of migration was Rabiul Awal
  117. Mosque of Zarar was demolished by prophet.
  118. Mother’s Name, Hazrat Amna.
  119. Namaz-e-Juma became Farz in Medina.
  120. Name Muhamammad was proposed by Abdul Muttalib while the name Ahmed was proposed by Bibi Aminah.
  121. Name of the camel on which Prophet was riding in migration was Qaswa.
  122. Name the foster mother(s) of the Holy Prophet (SAW)– Hazrat Halema (RA), Hazrat Sobia (RA) and Hazrat Khola (RA)
  123. No of Hadith Collected by Abu Huraira (RA) 5374.
  124. Old name of Zu Qiblatain is Banu Saleem.
  125. Omaar bin Hisham was the original name of Abu Jehl.
  126. On 27th Rajab, 10 Nabvi the event of Miraj took place.
  127. Persons included in Bait-e-Uqba Oola 12 and in Bait-e-Uqba Sani 75.
  128. Prophet addressed Khutba-e-Jum’aa for first time in 1st Hijra
  129. Prophet belonged to Banu Hashim clan of Quraish tribe.
  130. Prophet did covert messaging at House of Arkam upto 3 Nabvi. (i.e for 3 years)
  131. Prophet had no brother and no sister.
  132. Prophet hazrat Noah (AS) known as Shaikh al Anbiya
  133. Prophet issued order of killing Abdul Uza bin Khatal at the fall of Mecca.
  134. Prophet journeyed to Syria with Abu Talib at 12 years.
  135. Prophet led all the prophets in a prayer in miraj at al-Aqsa
  136. Prophet made second business trip to Syria in 24th year of elephant.
  137. Prophet narrated the event of Miraj first of all to Umm-e-Hani (real sister of Ali)
  138. Prophet performed 1(in10 A.H) Hajj and 4(in7 A.H) umras.
  139. Prophet performed Hajj in 10th Hija.
  140. Prophet performed Umrah in 7th A.H.
  141. Prophet preached openly in 4th Nabvi.
  142. Prophet purchased mosque land at medina from two orphans (Sehl and Sohail).
  143. Prophet recited surah Al-Fatha at the conquest of Makkah .
  144. Prophet spent his last days in Ayesha’s house.
  145. Prophet stayed at Makkah for 15 days after its conquest.
  146. Prophet stayed in Ayyub Ansari’s house for 7 months.
  147. Prophet visited Taif in 10th Nabvi.
  148. Prophet was born in 1st Year of Elephant.
  149. Prophet was buried in the hujra of Ayesha.
  150. Prophet was staying at the house of Umme-e-Hani on the night of Miraj.
  151. Prophet with Zaid bin Haris went Taif & stayed for 10 days.
  152. Qasim was first of the Holy Prophet’s children to be born.
  153. Qiblah now-a-days is called Khana-e-Kaba.
  154. Quba is 3 miles away from Madina.
  155. Real name of Abdu Mutalib was Shaba.
  156. Seal of Prophet was made of Silver.
  157. Second migration to Abyssinia 101 people with 18 females.
  158. Second migration to Habshah took place in 616 A.D.
  159. Shab-e-Barat is celebrated on the 15th night of Shuban.
  160. Sheema was the foster sister of Holy Prophet.
  161. Shi’b means valley.
  162. Six months before the Prophet’s birth his father died.
  163. Social boycott continued for 3 years.
  164. Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in 7th Nabvi.
  165. Surname of Haleema Sadia was Ummay Kabtah.
  166. Surname of Prophet was Abu-ul-Qasim.
  167. The camel driver of Prophet at the fall of Mecca was Usama bin Zaid bin Haris.
  168. The day when Prophet delivered his last Khutab was Juma.
  169. The dome over the sacred Grave of the holy prophet is known as Gumbad-e-Khizra.
  170. The first Namaaz to be made Fardh was Tahajjud Namaaz, which was later made Nafil.
  171. The first Namaz-e-Janazah performed by Rasoolullah was that of Asad bin Zaraara (radi Allahu anhu).
  172. The flag colour of the Holy Prophet was white and yellow at the time of conquest of Makkah.
  173. The grave of the Prophet was prepared by Hazrat Abu Talha
  174. The Hadith, which is transmitted with continuity and enjoys such abundance of narrators that their statement becomes authentic, is called Matwatar.
  175. The largest idol named Habal.
  176. The title of ammenul ummat is of Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah.(conqurer of Damascus)
  177. Transfer of Qibla was ordered in 2nd A.H (18 month).
  178. Tribe of Taif was Saqaif.
  179. Umar and Hamza accepted Islam in 615 A.d (5th Nabvi).
  180. Varqa Bin Naufal verified Prophet for the first time.
  181. What was written on the Holy Prophet (SAW) seal?
  182. Wife of Abu Lahab used to spread throne in the way of prophet in 4th year of prophethood.
  183. Year 570 known as year of Elephant or Amal Fil.
  184. Year of Deputation is 9th Hijrah.
  185. Youngest daughter Fatima.
  186. Zaid Bin Haris (R.A) was the adopted son of the Holy Prophet.


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