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Quando lex aliquid alicui concedit, concedere videtur et id sine quo res ipsae esse non potest

When the law gives anything to anyone, it gives also all those things without which the thing itself would be unavailable.

Applied in: “The section does not confer any new power, but only declares that the High Court possesses inherent powers for the purposes specified in the section. As lacunae are sometimes found in procedural law, the section has been embodied to cover such lacunae wherever they are discovered. The use of extraordinary powers conferred upon the High Court under this section are however required to be reserved, as far as possible, for extraordinary cases.

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973—Sections 205, 317 and 482—dismissal of complaint for default—Restoration application dismissed on the ground of availability of an alternative remedy —Trial Court dismissed complaint on a hyper technical ground that since complainant had been appearing in person despite order exempting him from personal appearance—An order of exemption from personal appearance continues to be in force till it is revoked or recalled—Availability of alternative remedy of filing appeal is not an absolute bar in entertaining petition under Section 482—Complaint restored.

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