Rakhine is a language of Myanmar. It is also known as Arakanese, Mogh, and Moghi. Throughout Rakhine state and in Paletwa township, Chin state, especially in market, business, oral language at school, and in some media Rakhine is the common language.

Rakhine is the largest ethnic group and dominant language in the area of Chin state, Paletwa township and  Rakhine state, Bago region, Shwegyin and Waw townships.

Rakhine pronunciation is closer to the literary language than modern spoken Burmese. Some Rakhine spell words according to Rakhine usage, but most use standard Burmese for writing. They use Myanmar (Burmese) script. Burmese, or Myanmar, is a member of the Lolo-Burmese branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. The Myanmar script was adapted from the Mon script, a descendent of Brahmi, and is found in stone inscriptions dating from the 12th century.