Daily Current Affairs-September 18th, 2019

Daily Current Affairs-September

Kashmir : Governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday said if the government can bring about transformational development in Jammu and Kashmir, then we don’t need to wage a war to wrest Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

“If we can give people respect and bring so much development here that its shine reaches even PoK, I guarantee you that there will be a rebellion in PoK within a year and you will get it without going to any war. Every citizen of PoK will start saying that he wants to go to Kashmir.”


  • Union Minister for Home Affairs, Shri Amit Shah presided as Chief Guest over the 5th International Ramayan Festival organized by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), in New Delhi today. The Home Minister said that ICCR was established with the vision of propagating Indian culture and its values to the whole world. There is no other better way to realize this vision than organizing the Ramayan festival, he added.
  • E-cigarettes banned: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Wednesday that e-cigarettes will be banned in India.
  • Mamata meets PM Modi: In her first meeting after the general elections, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, on Wednesday, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi here and termed it as “good”.
  • Pakistan refuses to open airspace for PM Modi on way USA.
  • Supreme Court sets Oct 18 deadline to complete Ayodhya case hearing.
  • Govt approves 78-day wages as productivity bonus to railway employees


  • USA-A bipartisan group of 44 influential lawmakers has urged the Trump administration to reinstate India’s designation as a beneficiary developing nation under the key GSP trade programme as part of a potential trade deal between the two countries. The Trump administration terminated India’s designation as a beneficiary developing nation under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) in June. Led by Congressmen Jim Himes and Ron Estes, the letter to Lighthizer has been signed by 26 Democrats and 18 Republicans, showing the strong, bipartisan support for reinstating GSP benefits for imports from India.
  • Israel– Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fell short of securing a parliamentary majority with his religious and nationalist allies in national elections Tuesday, initial exit polls showed, setting the stage for a period of coalition negotiations that could threaten his political future and clear the way for him to be tried on corruption charges. Initial results posted by Israel’s three major stations showed challenger Benny Gantz’s centrist Blue and White party with a slight lead over Netanyahu’s Likud. While the results do not guarantee that Gantz will be the next prime minister, they signaled that Netanyahu, who has led the country for over 10 years, could have real trouble holding on to the job.
  • NRC-A petition has been filled in the apex court seeking its direction in the issue of around 2,000 transgenders being excluded from the list of National Register of Citizens (NRC) of Assam.
  • PROVIDENT FUND-In good news for the salaried people ahead of the festival season, labour minister Santosh Gangwar on Tuesday said over 6 crore EPFO members will get 8.65 per cent interest on their deposits for 2018-19 as compared to the current 8.55 per cent. “…ahead of the festival season, over 6 crore EPFO subscribers would get 8.65 per cent interest for 2018-19,” Gangwar told reporters on the sidelines of a function in New Delhi. At present, the EPFO is settling PF withdrawal claims at 8.55 per cent interest rate, which was approved for 2017-18.
  • NGO-The home ministry said on Monday those receiving personal gifts from other countries with value up to Rs 1 lakh don’t need to inform the government under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), increasing the previous threshold value of Rs 25,000 in a newly released gazette notification. Monday’s notification said it is now mandatory for every key member of an NGO – “office bearers and key functionaries and members” – to certify that they have not been “prosecuted or convicted” for “conversion” from one faith to another and for creating “communal tension and disharmony.
  • PAKISTAN– Police have booked more than 200 people in connection with the violent anti-Hindu riots in Ghotki district of Sindh, Pakistan. Officials said three separate cases were filed in which a total of 218 people have been booked. Sukkur additional inspector general of police Jamil Ahmed said all three cases have been registered on behalf of the state.
  • ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan government on Tuesday approved a plan to form ‘‘media courts’’ for the first time in the country, apparently to seek speedy disposal of media-related cases within a particular time limit of 90 days.


चान्द्रदौत्यस्य न फलप्राप्तिः

भारतस्य अभिमानपरियोजना चन्द्रयानं – २ न लक्ष्यं प्राप्ता। चन्द्रस्य २ कि मी. निकटे प्राप्ते सति लान्डरात् सन्देशाः न लब्धाः। दिशाव्यतियानम् अभवत् द्रुतपतनम् अभवद्वा इति सन्देहः।
मृदुपतनसोपानस्य अन्तिमनिमेषं यावत् शास्त्रज्ञानां सर्वेषां भारतीयानां च प्रतीक्षां सफलीकृत्य सर्वं लान्डरस्य प्रवर्तनं पूर्वनिश्चितरूपेण सम्पन्नम्। किन्तु अन्तिमे निमेषे लान्डरात् भूमिं प्रति सन्देशाः संपर्काः स्थगिताः जाताः। तस्य किमभवदिति निर्णेतुं तदा न शक्यते स्म।

केरलस्य अभिमानपरियोजनायाः मेट्रो रेल् यानयोजनायाः नूतनं यानमार्ग-प्रसारणं मुख्यमन्त्रिणा पिणरायि विजयेन समुद्घाटितम्। एऱणाकुलं महाराजास् निस्थानादारभ्य ‘तैक्कूटं’ पर्यन्तं ५. ६कि मी दूरपरिमितं भवति नूतनं सोपानम्। कटवन्त्र स्थाने सम्पन्ने कार्यक्रमे केन्द्रमन्त्री हरदीपसिंहपुरी अध्यक्षः अभवत्। मेट्रोमान् इतिविख्यातः ई. श्रीधरः , केरलस्य गतागतमन्त्री ए के शशीन्द्रः इत्यादयः प्रमुखाः कार्यक्रमे भागभाजः अभवन्।

National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

This portal is an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. This portal caters to complaints pertaining to cyber crimes only with special focus on cyber crimes against women and children. Complaints reported on this portal are dealt by law enforcement agencies/ police based on the information available in the complaints. It is imperative to provide correct and accurate details while filing complaint for prompt action.


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MARKET TODAY – 18 Sep, 2019

  • SENSEX -36563.88 (82.79)
  • NIFTY  -10840.65 (23.05)
  • GOLD (MCX 10 GM)-37855.00 (-161.00)
  • SILVER (MCX 1 KG)-46526.00 (-835.00)
  • USD ($) / INR(Rupees Icon)-71.49 (0.59)


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