Prohibited degrees under Hindu Marriage

The original text of Manu and Yajnavalkya regarding the prohibited degrees are as follows. According to Manu:

I. She, who is the mother’s non-sapinda also (non-sagotra), and the father’s non-sagotra also (non-sapinda), is commended for the nuptial rite and holy union amongst the twice-born classes. –Manu iii. 5. But sapinda relationship ceases in the 7th degree (from the mother and the father); and the Samanodaka relationship ceases if (common) descent and name be not known. — Manu v. 60.

Mitakshara reading of the first line is slightly different. According to it the first line is:

Let a man who has finished his studentship, espouse an auspicious wife who is not defiled by connection with another man, is agreeable, non-sapinda, younger in age and shorter in stature, free from disease, has a brother living, is born from a different gotra and pravara, and is beyond the fifth and the seventh degrees from the mother and the father respectively. — Yajnavalkya, i., 52-53.

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