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DNS: What is a

DNS stands for domain name system

DNS is an Internet service that translates a domain name into IP addresses.

This query is performed by a Domain Name Server (DNS server) or servers nearby that have been assigned responsibility for that hostname. You can think of a DNS server as a phone book for the internet.

A DNS server maintains a directory of domain names and translates them to IPs.

 Example of Common DNS Records

  • A: Indicates the IP address of the domain.
  • AAAA: IPV6 address record.
  • CNAME: Canonical name, used for making a domain alias.
  • NS: Name server, indicates which name server is authoritative for the domain.
  • MX: Mail exchange, a list of mail exchange servers used for the domain.
  • TXT: Administrator record use for domain facts and verifications.
  • SRV: Service, defines the TCP service the domain operates on.
  • PTR: Pointer record, maps an IPv4 address to CNAME.
  • SOA: State of authority, stores information about when domain was updated.


IP address or hostname


Kolkata City
Region: West Bengal (WB) Postal code 700040
Country India (IN)
Continent Asia (AS)
Coordinates 22.5626 (lat) / 88.363 (long)
Time 2019-10-21 21:19:52 (Asia/Kolkata)


IP address:
Provider: Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd.
ASN: 23860


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