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Recognition of Institutions For Open and Distance Learning Programmes

3. Recognition of Institutions offering programmes in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode in Management and allied areas, Computer Applications and Travel & Tourism –

3.1. Every Institution offering a programme in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode in Management and allied areas, Computer Applications and Travel & Tourism in pursuance of an approval granted to it till the year 2017-18 for the purpose by the University Grants Commission (UGC) or having NBA accreditation with at least 700 points on a scale of 1,000 or equivalent and intending to offer a programme in ODL mode from the academic session immediately after the notification of these Guidelines shall, for grant of recognition, make an application to the AICTE in such form and manner as notified by the AICTE on fulfilment of the following conditions, namely:-

3.1.1. The Institution has necessary infrastructure, faculty and support system for offering the programme in ODL mode in Management and allied areas, Computer Applications and Travel & Tourism;

3.1.2. The Institution is already offering similar programme with the approval of the AICTE in the conventional mode of classroom teaching and has completed five years of existence or from where at least two batches have passed out. However, NBA accreditation for the regular programmes in which programmes through ODL mode are to be offered is necessary;

3.1.3. A copy of such application is displayed on the website of the Institutions by way of self-disclosure;

3.1.4. The application is accompanied by evidence of having prepared the self learning materials required for the programmes of study, duly approved by the statutory bodies of the Institutions empowered to decide on academic matters;

3.1.5. The application is accompanied by evidence of availability of ODL resources adequate for effective delivery of all the proposed programme(s) of study and the expected enrolment of students;

3.1.6. The application is accompanied by evidence of the preparedness for establishing Learner Support Centres, providing Learning Support Services, establishing Centre for Internal Quality Assurance, availability of the academic and other staff in the Unit and Learner Support Centres of the Institution, availability of qualified Counsellors in the Learner Support Centres meeting such standards of competence as specified in Annexure IV, Examination Centres and the administrative arrangements for supportive services for effective delivery of Open and Distance Learning;

3.1.7. As and when accreditation for Open and Distance Education is started by the NBA, such Institutions who have been approved by the AICTE to run ODL programme shall obtain within two years, accreditation (with a score of more than 700 on a scale of 1000 or equivalent) from such accrediting agency as mandated by the AICTE.

3.2. An Institution intending to offer a programme in ODL mode for academic session immediately after the notification of these Guidelines and for subsequent years shall, make an on-line application in the format specified by the AICTE, and upload the same on the specified portal along with scanned copy of the documents specified therein, as per Approval Process Handbook and application processing schedule notified by the AICTE for the programmes intended to be offered by such Institutions.

3.3. The AICTE shall process the application received under these guidelines 3.3.2 in the following manner, namely: –

3.3.1. Any deficiency or defect in the application shall be communicated by the AICTE to the Institution as per application processing schedule notified by the AICTE and the Institution shall be required to remove or rectify such deficiencies or defects with the necessary documents or information, if any, within the time period specified by the AICTE;

3.3.2. Where the Institution has made an application for offering programme(s) in ODL mode, notwithstanding that in respect of such programme(s) the Distance Education Council (DEC) or University Grants Commission had caused the inspection of the Institute in the past or prior to coming into force of these guidelines, the AICTE may cause an inspection, in respect of such programme(s), of the Institutions at its discretion through an Expert Committee; and

3.3.3. The AICTE shall examine the application with the help of a duly constituted Expert Committee and the recommendations of the Committee shall be placed before the Executive Committee/ Council for its consideration.

3.4. After processing the application in the manner laid down under Guideline 3.3, the AICTE shall-

3.4.1. If it is satisfied that such Institution fulfils the conditions laid down and the quality parameters specified under these Guidelines, pass an order granting recognition to such Institutions in respect of such programmes as it may specify in the order and subject to such conditions as it may specify:

3.4.2. Provided that while passing an order, where the AICTE does not grant recognition in respect of one or more programmes, the AICTE shall specify the grounds of such refusal in the order:

3.4.3. Provided further that before passing an order, the AICTE shall provide a reasonable opportunity to the concerned Institution of being heard including an appeal as specified in the Approval Process Handbook.

3.4.4. If it is of the opinion that such Institution does not fulfil the requirements in respect of any of the programme intended to be offered by the Institution, pass an order refusing recognition to such Institution for reasons to be recorded in writing.

3.5. Every order granting or refusing recognition to the Institution for programme(s) in ODL mode shall be communicated in writing for appropriate action to such Institution.
3.6. Every Institution, in respect of which recognition for programme(s) has not been granted by the AICTE, shall discontinue the programme(s) in ODL mode with immediate effect provided that such ODL programmes of an Institution which were approved by the UGC till 2017-18 will be considered to be a valid ODL programme for the academic session 2018-19 and 2019-20 as well. Accordingly, institutions who were earlier allowed by UGC till 2017-18 to offer programmes through ODL will be allowed to complete their such UGC approved and currently running ODL programmes so that students admitted in such UGC approved (during 2017-18) ODL programme and also students admitted to such programmes during the session 2018-19 and 2019-20 are able to complete their academic studies.

3.7. No Institution shall offer a new programme in ODL mode for academic session immediately after the notification of these Regulations and for subsequent academic sessions and admit students thereto unless it has been granted recognition for the same.

AICTE (Open and Distance Learning Education) Guidelines for Institutions – Deemed to be Universities 2019

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