Unicode Standard

A universal character encoding that most modern software programs and communication protocols use to process, store, and exchange textual data. Each character in the Unicode Standard is represented by a unique integer called a code point. Besides encompassing characters from writing systems around the world, the Unicode Standard includes technical symbols, punctuation, and other characters used in written text (e.g., emojis).

The Unicode Standard is the basis for Internationalized Domain Names.

Unicode is a registered trademark of Unicode, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


(1) The standard for digital representation of the characters used in writing all of the world’s languages. Unicode provides a uniform means for storing, searching, and interchanging text in any language. It is used by all modern computers and is the foundation for processing text on the Internet. Unicode is developed and maintained by the Unicode Consortium:

(2) A label applied to software internationalization and localization standards developed and maintained by the Unicode Consortium.

Source: ICANN‎

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