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Cybersecurity wings under the government of India

Cybersecurity in India affects both the public and the private sector and spans a broad range of issues related to  Indian national security, whether through terrorism, crime or state and industrial espionage.

E-crime, or cybercrime, whether relating to theft, hacking or denial of service to vital systems, has become a reality of life. The risk of industrial cyber espionage, in which one company makes active attacks on another, through cyberspace, to acquire high-value information is also a fact.

Cyber terrorism presents challenges for the future no only for India but for the world. CERT is prepared for terrorist attacks through the internet of Indian key military or space installations or disables key information systems.

Government of india

Functions :

Keep a current empanelled list of IT security auditors

(i) Receiving and scrutiny of applications
(ii) Off-line in-house Practical Skills Test for successful applications
(iii) Online Practical Skills Test for the applications successfully qualifying steps
(iv) Personal Interaction session for the applicants successful in all earlier steps
(v) Background verification by a suitable Government agency for successful applications.

Respond to a Security incident

(i) Reporting of cybersecurity incidents to Incident Response Helpdesk via.
(b) Tel:- 1 800-11- 4949 (Toll free)

Incident Reporting form
(c) Fax:- 011-24368546 1800- 11- 6969 (Toll free)

(ii) Initial examination and registration of cybersecurity incident.
(iii) Analysis and response of cybersecurity incident

Issuance of security alerts on the latest threats and vulnerabilities

(i) Tracking of latest threats & vulnerabilities
(ii) Preparation of security alerts, advisories & vulnerability notes
(iii) Publishing of security alerts, advisories & vulnerability notes on CERT-In websites
(iv) sending security alerts, advisories & vulnerability notes via email to registered users
through mailing list

Government Computer Emergency Response Team [CERT]

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