NATIONAL Maharastra: Supreme court heard a writ petition filed by Shiv Sena NCP combo and ordered that interim prayers sought by Shiv Sena to conduct floor test within 24 hours have to be considered after perusing order of Governor and letters submitted by Fadnavis. Read more President`s Rule: To revoke President’s Rule, the government has used Rule 12 of the […]

The French people solemnly proclaim their commitment to human rights and the principles of national sovereignty as defined by the Declaration of 1789 , confirmed and supplemented by the preamble to the 1946 Constitution , as well as the rights of the people. and duties defined in the 2004 Environmental Charter .

Recognizing the major contribution of the Programme of Assistance to the
teaching and dissemination of international law for the benefit of lawyers i n all
countries, legal systems and regions of the world for more than half a century and
the importance of ensuring the successful continuation of the Programme for the
benefit of present and future generations of lawyers,

We hold that Judaism presents the highest conception of the God-idea as taught in our Holy Scriptures and developed and spiritualized by the Jewish teachers, in accordance with the moral and philosophical progress of their respective ages.

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