Hyderabad police murdered four people to cover-up failure-now women are more unsafe

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The news : 

The four accused in the rape and murder of a Hyderabad veterinarian were shot dead by the Telangana Police on Friday. The accused, arrested on November 29, were remanded to judicial custody and lodged in high-security cells at Cherlapally Central Prison. They were charged under IPC Sections 302 (murder), 375 (rape) and 362 (abduction). Post midnight on Friday morning, the Telangana Police took the four accused to Chattapally, around 30 kilometres from Hyderabad, where the veterinarian’s body was set ablaze and dumped on November 27 for the reconstruction of the Crime Scene. The four accused, Mohammed Arif (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20), had been taken to the scene of the crime at 3 am for a reconstruction, the police said. They were at the spot near a bridge where the charred body of the woman was found, around 50 km from Hyderabad, when, the police claim, one of the men signalled to the others, possibly to escape. The police claim they fired in self-defence after two of the men attacked them, snatched their weapons and fired.


People especially are women are happy, celebrating Diwali and throwing flowers to police for doing great job. Political establishment are rescued from electoral debacle.

Now some legal question: 

How did police come to the conclusion that only arrested four people did the Crime and there was no fifth criminal involved? How police established that the four accused were not working on behalf of their boss who used to know the Victim and her whereabouts?

Why police took them at 3.30 AM for constructing the Crime scene and not at 12.00 Noon when the sunlight was available. How police were reconstructing forensic crime scene in darkness?

How should police take photographs of crime scenes in darkness? Where shall police get an independent witness in Dark night?

Why police took four accused in one go … they supposed to take one after another to have four versions as per evidence Act either to contradict or agreement amongst the four versions and complete the circumstantial chain which must point to the accused and none other…

Why four accused were taken out of the police van in a single go… Why one by one was not taken to the spot to establish the role of a particular accused.

Had it been the case that the four accused persons were history-sheeter( though no history), how a handcuffed untrained accused could snatch service Revolver from a trained police officer and started to fire multiple armed police officers …and police in self-defense killed four people at once …. how many weapons were snatched … one two three or four by four accused …. horrible. How did the unchained the service revolver or any calibrate weapon which supposed to be chained with the belt of the police officer and ran away…

Where is the photography or creating the crime scene or encounter?

The matter is highly suspicious and should be taken as per Sohorabuddin Encounter Case and demands a high lever Enquiry.

By doing police drama women are not safe but vulnerable and police can easily pick up anybody in rape-murder accusation and killed them to save political establishment and to conceal the departmental failure.

Then we don’t need anything beyond Police … We don’t need Court of Law …Justice system …Defence advocacy. Police justice is the last word in Indian Democracy!!!!


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