The Heathens: Last resort of a western rascal is to become Jihadi Evangelist

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Frontier ventures

Description of the Founder

“Ralph D. Winter is the General Director of the Frontier Mission Fellowship (FMF) in Pasadena, CA. After serving ten years as a missionary among Mayan Indians in the highlands of Guatemala, he was called to be a Professor of Missions at the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. Ten years later, he and his late wife, Roberta, founded the mission society called the Frontier Mission Fellowship. This, in turn, birthed the U.S. Center for World Mission and the William Carey International University, both of which serve those working at the frontiers of the mission”.

View on Christianity

“One of every eight people on the planet is a practicing Chris-tian who is active in his/her faith. The number of believers in what used to be “mission fields” now surpasses the number of believers in the countries from which missionaries were originally sent. In fact, more missionaries are now sent from non-Western churches than from the traditional mission-sending bases in the West. The Protestant growth rate in Latin America is well over three times the biological growth rate”.

Idea about India

“For example, India cannot be approached on an ethnolinguistic basis alone. In addition to having over 1600 major languages and dialects, India is further divided by religion, caste, and other socio-cultural barriers. A sociological survey in 1991 identified 4,635 people in India alone”.

Or take the great church of Nagaland in Northeast India. Years ago, American missionaries from the plains of Assam reached up into the Naga Hills and won some of the Ao Nagas. Then these Ao Nagas won practically their whole tribe to Christ.

Idea about Nepal

“In the 1980s, Nepal was still a staunch Hindu kingdom with only a small persecuted church. Today there are hundreds of thousands of believers, and churches have been started within each of its more than 100 distinct people groups”.

Joshua Project: Data collection machine

The Joshua Project has developed a scale that integrates data from many sources to classify every people into one of four categories:

  • Unreached/Least Reached
  • Formative or Nominal Church
  • Emerging Church
  • Growing Church

While this level of information sharing and access to data is very helpful, it is primarily gathered at the ethnolinguistic level and does not always reflect unmix realities. Evangelist

Distribution and Christian Patterns across the Globe


Conversion Module

Conversion technique

The great evil commission

Regarding the ultimate object of a Mission, viewed under its ecclesiastical result, to be the settlement of a Native Church under Native Pastors upon a self-supporting system, it should be borne in mind that the progress of a Mission mainly depends upon the training up and the location of Native Pastors; and that, as it has been happily expressed, the “euthanasia of a Mission” takes place when a missionary, surrounded by well-trained Native congregations under Native Pastors, is able to resign all pastoral work into their hands, and gradually relax his superintendence over the pastors themselves, ’til it insensibly ceases, and so the Mission passes into a settled Christian community. Then the missionary and all missionary agencies should be transferred to the “regions beyond.

Source: Frontier Ventures web

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