Jurisdiction Means

A5X8HE Open Dictionary

The expression “jurisdiction” in this section has not been used in the limited sense of the term, as connoting the “Power” to do or order to do the particular act complained of, but is used in a wide sense as meaning “generally the authority of the Judicial Officer to act in the matters”. Therefore, if the judicial officer had the general authority to enter upon the enquiry into the cause, action, petition or other proceeding in the course of which the impugned act was done or ordered by him in his judicial capacity, the act, even if erroneous, will still be within his ‘jurisdiction’, and the mere fact that it was erroneous will not put it beyond his “jurisdiction”.

Error in the exercise of jurisdiction is not to be confused with lack of jurisdiction in entertaining the cause or proceeding. It follows that if the judicial officer is found to have been acting in the discharge of his judicial duties, then, in order to exclude him from the protection of this statute, the complainant has to establish that (1) the judicial officer complained against was acting without any jurisdiction whatsoever, and (2) he was acting without good faith in believing himself to have jurisdiction.[AIR 1981 SC 755 ]

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