SC directs for Non-Combatant Permanent Commission of women in Indian Army

SC directs for Non-Combatant Permanent Commission of women in  Indian Army:

The Supreme Court on Monday directed the Centre to grant permanent commission to all women officers in the Indian Army within three months. It said – “For this reason, we have noticed that the engagement of women in the Combat Arms has been specifically held to be a matter of policy by the judgment of the Delhi High Court and which is not in question in the present appeals. …………That in our view is not the manner in which the steps taken progressively by the Union Government to bring women into the mainstream of the Army (except the Combat Arms) can be viewed. The salient decision of the Union Government to extend PCs to women SSC officers in all ten streams in which they are commissioned is a step forward in recognising and realising the right of women to equality of opportunity in the Army. This marks a step towards realising the fundamental constitutional commitment to the equality and dignity of women”.  Read the full judgment