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English Essay: Suggestion for Higher Judicial Examination 2020

1.  Constitutional Vision of Justice

2.  Role of Courts in a Constitutional Democracy and Adherence to Core Judicial Values

3.  Judicial Ethics, Judging Skills and Objectivity in Decision Making

4.  Judicial Methods-Current approach

5.  Court and Case Management: Managing the Docket

6.  ADR and Plea Bargaining

7.  Electronic Evidence: Collection, Preservation and Appreciation

8.  Forensic Evidence in Civil and Criminal Trials

9.  Framing of Charges: the skill of a judge

10.  The Art, Craft and Science of Drafting Judgment

11.  Art of Hearing: Promoting Rational Discourse in the Courtroom

12.  Role of Magistrates at First Production of Arrested Person

13.  Role of Courts in Securing Gender Justice

14.  Law of Precedents: Identification and Application of Ratio Decidendi

15.  Occupational Stress in Judges: Identification and Consequences of stress

16.  Managing Judicial Stress: Institutional Strategies and Techniques

17.  Implementing E-Courts Project at District Level

18.  National Judicial Data Grid: Role of Principal District Judges

19.  Performance Assessment of Judicial Officers

20.  Remedial Steps for Combating Delay and Making the Court Litigants Friendly

21.  Bar, Bench Relations and Role of Principal District Judges

22.  Constitutional and Legislative Mandate of Family Courts

23.  Communication Skills and Techniques for Effective Resolution of Family Disputes

24.   Supervisory Powers of High Courts

25.  Role of Judges in Divorce Proceedings

26.  Adjudication of Property Disputes by Family Courts

27.  Silences viewed to enhance the role of law can become a dangerous precedent: Krishnakumar Singh v. State of Bihar AIR 2017

28.  Judicial Review vs Separation of Powers

29.  Judicial Contribution to Electoral Reforms

30.  The judges do not have any power and that they merely exercise their jurisdiction to not distribute but administer justice- Explain

31.  Progress of Digitisation From Cash to Electronic: A Critical Essay

32.  Application of Technology in the Judicial Adjudication

33.  Medical Negligence and Consumer Protection: Need for expanding the Role of Judiciary

33.  Judicial Trend in Cases relating to Cyber Crime

34.   India`s Foreign Policy : advantage and challenges



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