Civil Procedure Code, 1908—Order 18, Rule 17 read with Section 151—Recall of witness—Ideally, recording of evidence should be continuous, followed by arguments, without any gap—Courts should constantly endeavour to follow such time schedule—Amended Code expects them to do so—If that is done, applications for adjournments, re-opening, recalling, or interim measures could be avoided.

The Islamic Consultative Assembly’s enactments and the results of the referendum, having gone through legal procedures will be notified to the president of the Republic. The President shall within five days sign them and notify them to executors, and issue instruction to have them published, and the Official Gazette shall be required to publish them within 72 hours after notification thereof.

Even without an organic act or other explicit Congressional directives on governance, the people of American Samoa adopted their own constitution in 1967 and first constitutional elections were in 1977. Unlike citizens of other U.S. territories who are U.S. citizens, American Samoans are U.S. nationals. However, neither citizens nor nationals of U.S. territories vote in Federal elections and pay Federal taxes.

Article I: Bill of Rights Sections Freedom of religion, speech, press, rights of assembly and petition. No deprivation of life, liberty or property without due process. Policy protective legislation. Dignity of the individual. Protection against unreasonable searchesand seizures. Rights of an accused. Habeas corpus. Quartering of militia. Imprisonment for debt. Slavery prohibited. Treason. Subversives ineligible to hold public office. Retroactive […]

Affidavits intended for use in Judicial Proceedings may be sworn or affirmed before any Court or Magistrate (or an Advocate other than the Advocate who has been engaged in such proceedings) or a Member of Panchayat or a Sub-Registrar, Nazir or Deputy Nazir or a Member of the Legislative Council or of the Legislative Assembly of the State or a Member of the Zilla Parishad or a Municipal Councillor or a Retired Gazetted Officer receiving pension from the Government or any other Gazetted Officer in the service of the State Government or the Central Government or a Notary as defined in the Notaries Act, 1952, or any Commissioner or other person appointed by the High Court for the purpose of taking affidavits or affirmations or any Judge or any Commissioner for taking affidavit in any Court of record in India.

It is well settled that the basic difference between a tax and a fee is that a tax is a compulsory exaction of money by the State or a public authority for public purposes, and is not a payment for some specific services rendered. On the other hand, a fee is generally defined to be a charge for a special […]

The word ‘cess’ is used in Ireland and is still in use in India although the word rate has replaced it in England. It means a tax and is generally used when the levy is for some special administrative expense which the name (health cess, education cess, road cess, etc.) indicates.

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