SEBI invites applications for internship program in the Legal Department

Legal Internship – LLB/LLM students

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) invites applications for internship program in the Legal Department. The interested candidates are required to satisfy the following criteria:

Eligibility The applicant shall be a student of a Law School/University
recognised by the Bar Council of India.
The applicant should have completed at least 3 years of the 5-
year LLB course or 2 years of the 3-year LLB course.
Students pursuing LLM course are also eligible to apply.
The applicant should have secured minimum of 60% aggregate
marks or equivalent CGPA in the previous semester results.
Application Applications shall be e-mailed to SEBI within the first week
Window (1st-7th) of every quarter for internship commencing in the next
quarter.  No  application  shall  be  considered  beyond  the
application window.
The application for internship for the quarter April 2020 is
kept open till March 20, 2020.
Submission The Head of the Department or the Course Coordinator of the
of respective Law School /University in-charge of the Internship
Application Program shall submit the application recommending not more
than three applicants from their Law School /University in a
given quarter.  No  application  shall  be  entertained  from
individual students.
The applications for internship shall be sent to the following e-
mail address:
The Head of the Department or the Course Coordinator shall
forward a scanned copy of the cover letter on the letterhead of
the  respective  Law  School  /University  recommending  the
applicants for internship.
The curriculum vitae (CV) of each applicant shall be not more
than 2 pages with the current contact details.
The Head of the Department or the Course Coordinator of the
respective Law School /University shall be intimated about the
applicant/s who would be required to join the internship
In case any applicant fails to report for internship without any
reasonable explanation or discontinues the program midway,
their Law School /University shall be informed of the same
and  the  applicant  shall  not  be  considered  for  future
internships with SEBI.
Duration  The tenure of internship shall not be less than four weeks.

Stipend   A stipend of Rs. 10,000/- shall be provided upon satisfactory
and successful completion of the internship.
Data Privacy  The intern shall be required to maintain confidentiality of all
the documents/reports and/or any information received by
him/her  during  the  internship  period,  violation  of  which
would entail legal consequences. The Intern shall not reveal to
any person or organisation any information relating to SEBI,
its work and policies which are not available in the public
No right of  No intern shall have any right or claim for an appointment in
appointment the Securities and Exchange Board of India by virtue of this
internship program.