Theology of the Persian Nestorian Church

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Of  Mar Babai the Great in the sixth century CE

One is Christ the Son of God,
Worshiped by all in two natures;
In His Godhead begotten of the Father,
Without beginning before all time;
In His humanity born of Mary,
In the fullness of time, in a body united;
Neither His Godhead is of the nature of the mother,
Nor His humanity of the nature of the Father;
The natures are preserved in their Qnumas(hypostasis),
In one person of one Sonship.
And as the Godhead is three substances in one nature,
Likewise the Sonship of the Son is in two natures, one person.
So the Holy Church has taught.


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Sun Mar 22 , 2020
That the Maker of this world is one and not many is proved by the fact that it is impossible that many can possess one, perfect, unchangeable, self consentaneous will; because they must either be co-equal in essence, and in everything appertaining thereto, which would destroy plurality by the non-existence of distinction, or anything disting­uishing, just as it is inconsistent to conceive of the existence of two blacknesses, alike in every respect, and not distinguishable, and having but one and the same substance or they must be distinct from each other in essence and in all that appertains thereto; for they would be contrary and destructive of one another.

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