History of Christian Church from Justin Martyr 150 CE to Covid19 2020 CE

50 Philo of Alexandria Died (placed Logos as creator)

68 CE Nero died

100 Flavius Josephus[Joseph Ben Matthias] died. He wrote History of the Jewish War (75–79), The Antiquities of the Jews (93) in Greek , wrote nothing about Christians.
107 Ignatius of Antioch
150 Justin Martyr
150 Tertullian
200 Irenaeus[ in”Against Heresies” referred about five books written by Papias and about Polycrap. He mentioned of having Gospel of John]

202 Origen of Alexandria
236 Remains of Hippolytus
325 Nicea Council – 325 A.D.
339 Eusebius of CaesareaChurch History of Eusebius]
350 1st Celebration of  Christmas
356 Athanasius and the Creed of Christ

367 Bishop Frumentius and Ethiopian Mission
373 Ephrem of  Syria
374 Ambrose
378 Jerome’s Latin Bible 
380 Theodosius  Edict

391 Library of Alexandria destroyed by Christians
616 Ethelbert, 1st Christian King of Kent
633 Christian vs Muslim
673 Venerable Bede the Historian
680 Caedmon, 1st Anglo-Saxon Christian Poet
680 6th Council Grappled with Christ’s Natures
856 Rhabanus Maurus  wrote Encyclopedia
860 Paschachius Wrote on Christ’s Body & Blood
869  8th Church Council
963 Roman Synod Deposed Pope John XII
988 Vladimir of Russia accepted Christianity
1009 Church of the Holy Sepulcher Destroyed
1054 Schism between East and West Began
1066 William Conquered England and Its Church
1187 Saladin Captured Jerusalem
1209 Massacre at Beziers in Christ’s Name
1212 The Children’s Crusade
1215 Great Charter for England
1384 John Wycliffe: Reformation
1415 John Hus
1457 Gutenberg’s 1st  printed Bible?
1481 First Spanish Auto da Fe
1483 Basel Council, Is Pope or Council Supreme?

1502 Erasmus Greek Bible- KJV depended on it
1514 Three Bibles in One: 1st Printed Polyglot
1520 Pope Leo X Condemned Luther of Heresy
1567 inauguration of Congregationalism
1570 Pius V Excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I

1571 Kepler
1578  Discovery of Roman Catacombs
1579 1st Anglican Service in the New World

1586 Clement of Alexandria: his name was erased from the record of the martyrs by order of Pope Clement VIII
1599 Synod at Diamper, India
1600 Bruno Burned by Roman Inquisition

1611-King James Bible
1743 Calvinist Methodists
1789 Jesse Lee Brought Methodism to New England
1792 Baptist Missionary Society Formed in England
1804 Napoleon Crowned Himself in Notre Dame
1887 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison
1893 World Parliament of Religions
1899 Revised Version

1904 Latin translation of  “Against Heresies” of Irenaeus was found

2020-Churches has been Closed due to Corona Virus 


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