Alert of kidnapping and encryption of computer data (Ransomware)

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Alert of kidnapping and encryption of computer data


One has to remember the danger of the propagation of malicious software that once executed, encrypts the content of the computer and connected peripherals. Offenders demand payment in exchange for obtaining the decryption key. The procedure used is to claim a payment in virtual currency (Bitcoins) so that its recipient cannot be identified.

From our services we want to give a series of tips to try to minimize exposure to this type of attack and / or other technological aggressions:

  • Keep software and antivirus up to date.
  • Do not open links or download files of dubious or unknown origin.

  • Make frequent backups to facilitate the retrieval of information in the event of an incident and always store them on devices independent and disconnected from the central device.

  • It is advisable to configure the sample of file extensions on our devices (although they are sometimes camouflaged with fake extensions pretending to be a fake file type).

  • If you receive an email of unknown origin with attachments, it is preferable to delete it and not consult its contents.

The constant evolution of malicious software should lead us to extreme prevention and minimize exposure as a more effective method than any antivirus. Remember that the weakest step in computer security ends up being the user.


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