Alert of scams through web pages

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Alert of scams through web pages

On the Internet there are several platforms that contain advertisements of individuals, in which they offer the sale of a vehicle at an excessively low price, attaching photographs of a virtually new vehicle to attract potential buyers.

The scam occurs as follows:

To obtain the vehicle in question, the sellers request the contact details of the persons concerned, to send the purchase contract, where it will be necessary to satisfy the amount of the product announced by rotation postal or similar.

Once payment is made, the vehicle never reaches the buyer.

Some of the features that will help us identify these types of ads are:

· Excessively low prices
· The vehicle and seller are usually abroad
· In the arrangements for payment and delivery of vehicle and documentation are made through a third party
· The means of communication with the buyer usually be via e-mail and / or foreign telephone (which will be communicating or no one will answer)

In case products of the mentioned characteristics are detected, it is necessary to try to denounce it in the same web portal that acts as platform of announcements of individuals and if you have already been the victim of a scam, in front of our services.