Avoid deception in online shopping

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Tips to put into practice when making purchases:

In case of need to buy a product, it is advisable to take a look at the product that is being promoted in the previous days and thus confirm that the discounts indicated. If the page has existed for a long time and applies discounts, it is a good indication that it is a real sale.

Observe the design of the website that is not in doubt. If there is no homogeneity, the images are of low quality, this mimics a legitimate web page, misspellings or the text is poorly translated, are all indications that it would be a fraud.

Make our purchase on secure web pages. When making a payment, our browser’s address bar will display a padlock, indicating that our information is being sent securely.

Use common sense and not buy items we like at a ridiculous and doubtfully credible price.

Avoid entering the numbering of our bank cards on web pages that seem to have a dubious reputation.

Whenever possible, it is necessary to investigate the network, as we can often find alerts or recommendations from other users, towards the same website.

If we make online purchases, we must regularly check our bank account to ensure that the amounts charged are in line with our purchases, and that we are not charged unauthorized payments.

If you have been the victim of a deception, you must report it to Police immediately.


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