Bay of Bengal was ancient Kalinga Sagar

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Kalinga Mahodadhi or Kalinga Sagar

The Map of Great Kalinga Emperor Kharvel [3rd-2nd Century BCE]. Kharavel is popular for his rock-cut Hathigumpha inscription.

Other names of Kharvela

Bhikshuraj: because he was devoted to Jain muni who has renounced the world.
Maha Megh Vahan : because he used to ride an elephant named Maha Megh.
Kharvel: As he was the king of the coastal areas.


  1. Himanshu Shekhar Nandi
  2. Chakradhar Mahapatra
  3. R. D Banerjee
  4. Satyanarayan Rajguru

“Jain Itihaas” by Param Pujya Acharya Kulchandra Suri


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Salutation to the Arhats. Salutation to all the Siddhas. By illustrious Kharavela, the Aira (Aila), the Great King, the descendant of Mahameghavahana, the increaser (of the glory) of the Cheti (Chedi) dynasty, (endowed ) with excellent and auspicious marks and features, possessed of virtues which have reached (the ends of) the four quarters, overlord of Kalinga

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