1 The Judge will usually be robed for public hearings.
2 Counsel will wear formal business attire.
3 When the Judge enters the courtroom, all persons present will stand.
4 The Judge will bow to counsel and, at the same time, counsel will bow to the
Judge. This is a mark of mutual professional respect.
5 Counsel will stand when addressing the Judge and when addressed by the Judge.
Counsel will sit when the Judge is addressed by another counsel and when that
other counsel is addressed by the Judge.
6 The Judge will be addressed as “Your Honour” throughout the hearing.
7 When the case is adjourned and the Judge rises to leave the court, all will stand,
counsel and Judge will bow.
8 All persons in the courtroom will remain standing and silent until the Judge leaves
the courtroom.


The following rules of etiquette must be followed by representatives of parties, the parties and persons attending a proceeding before the Appeals Tribunal:

1- Representatives must wear formal business attire when appearing before the Appeals
2- When Judges enter the courtroom, all individuals present must stand.
3- A representative must stand or ask for leave to remain seated when addressing the panel and when addressed by a Judge.
4- A representative must sit when the panel is being addressed by another representative or when that other representative is being addressed by a Judge.
5- The panel must be addressed as “Your Honours”.
6- When the proceeding is adjourned and the panel rises to leave the courtroom, all
individuals present must stand.
7- Any person who enters or leaves the courtroom during a hearing must do so in manner which does not interrupt the hearing.
8- Mobile/cell phones must be turned off and other electronic devices must not disrupt the hearing.

Source: UNO Internal Justice DEPT

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