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Fictitious reservations of hotel rooms via Net

Fictitious reservations of hotel rooms via Internet

Various managers of hotel made complaints to the Police, which alleged customers contact them via their email addresses, they ask to make a reservation, and hand out various credit card numbers.

Days after the charge has been made, the alleged customer informs that he must cancel the reservation, and requests that the money be returned to him, but not to the same credit card number, but to a bank account or to through some money-sending company, and gives all sorts of sometimes quite incoherent excuses and explanations.

Subsequently, the manager of the Hotels will receive information from his bank, informing him that he must return the charge made to the credit card numbering, as its real holder has lodged a complaint, having never authorized this. charge.

So the damage to the manager of the hotel establishment will be the money he reimburses to the alleged customer.

You must consider the  following issues  :

  1. Messages in English as a general rule
  2. Wanting to pay for the whole stay in advance
  3. They give several credit card numbers to be charged. indicating either that the total charge is distributed on the different credit cards or that they are trying to charge the charge on each of the cards, in case any of them does not accept it.
  4. They use identical messages for everyone and for all types of establishments. They use the term “hotel” even photocopies of passports and credit cards can be attached.  his documentation is false.The same scammer usually uses different identities linked to different email addresses.
  5. In the event that the customer cancels the reservation and claims the money: Make the payment on the same card number where the reservation was charged.


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