Sexual extortion via Net

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Sexual extortion via Net

The Police Department reports that new scams have been detected again, all linked to the same type of crime, linked to the sexual privacy of the complainants .

Basically, extortion is that through the contact generated through social networks, blogs or other electronic means of communication, a user establishes contact by deriving their conversation in a sexual setting. Taking advantage of the use of webcams, it shows the affected part (at that time he still doesn’t know it) images of sexual content, causing him to interact with him / her and then what could be considered a “cyber sexual intercourse” occurs causing ‘exchanged images between the two parties. Although at first the victim is satisfied with the exchange made and satisfied with his goal, the surprise comes when the other party teaches him that he has recorded his sexual images and asks him to perform. a payment, otherwise, will spread your images to your contacts.

The amount requested is usually in small amounts between € 100 and € 150, which, being acceptable amounts, causes the injured party to be willing to make the payment and not face the embarrassment that could be caused by the publication of images captured from your contacts or acquaintances.

From our services apart from remembering the fact of assessing what kind of information is shared via the Internet, we recommend not making the requested payment, as it does not guarantee that it will not be published or that we will be asked for more money, as well. nor have we found in any case that when the payment has not been made, the content obtained has been published. However, the latter fact cannot be ruled out, as it is an action strictly based on the will of the offender.

Despite being aware of the privacy and sense of shame that comes from being a victim of this type of extortion, we advise you to report it near our services, remembering that prevention and common sense are the best way to prevent the crime.