Tips to avoid home burglaries when you go on holiday

Tips to avoid home burglaries when you go on holiday

1- Do not spread on social media your intention to go on holiday or its duration.
2- Do not leave jewelry or valuables in plain sight during your absence and as a general rule do not keep money, jewelry or valuables at home. Do not leave valuables on terraces without enclosure.
3- Never hide the keys under the entrance carpet or in the mailbox, flowerpots, meter boxes, etc. as they can be located with relative ease by thieves.
4- Close the doors and windows tightly.
5- Do not lower the blinds completely.
6- Ask a family member, friend or neighbor to collect correspondence from your mailbox from time to time.
7- Assess the possibility of installing electronic alarm devices.
8- Leave clothes lying down in the event of not very long absences.
9- Do not completely disconnect the electricity, the doorbell disconnected is an indication of absence.
10- In prolonged absences, ask a trusted neighbor to help collect your mail, check the status of the home, turn on a light from time to time, turn on the radio or TV and leave a phone number so that they can locate you.

Recommendations in case of theft

  1. Keep calm and do not enter the home. Do not touch or move anything that may have been tampered with by thieves.
  2. Notify the police.
  3. Never confront thieves.
  4. When you file the complaint, present supporting documents for the stolen items, such as invoices, photographs, etc.


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