Road Transport and Highway Laws-India

Enactment Date Act Number Short Title Purpose and Gist
4-Jun-1851 08 The Indian Tolls Act, 1851
11-Apr-1856 09 The Indian Bills of Lading Act 1856
7-Jul-1861 16 The Stage-Carriages Act, 1861
24-Mar-1864 15 The Indian Tolls Act, 1864
9-Nov-1878 17 The Northern Indian Ferries Act, 1878
12-Mar-1886 11 The Indian Tramways Act, 1886
4-Dec-1950 64 The Road Transport Corporations Act, 1950
11-Sep-1956 48 The National Highways Act, 1956
12-Sep-1959 42 The Travancore-Cochin Vehicles Taxation (Amendment and Validation) Act, 1959
15-Dec-1962 57 The Delhi Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1962
14-Oct-1988 59 The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
16-Dec-1988 68 The National Highways Authority of India Act, 1988
27-Dec-2000 54 The Central Road and Infrastructure Fund Act, 2000
14-Jan-2003 13 The Control of National Highways (Land and Traffic) Act, 2002
29-Sep-2007 41 The Carriage by Road Act, 2007

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Mon May 11 , 2020
Enactment Date Act Number Short Title View 13-Feb-1857 05 The Oriental Gas Company Act, 1857 1-Mar-1867 11 The Oriental Gas Company Act, 1867 6-Sep-1934 30 The Petroleum Act, 1934 8-Sep-1948 53 The Oilfields (Regulation and Development) Act, 1948 7-Dec-1962 50 The Petroleum and Minerals Pipelines (Acquisition of Right of User in Land) Act, 1962 26-Sep-1974 47 The Oil Industry (Development) […]

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