AYUSH cleared Patanjali’s Coronil-now it shall be marketed

The ban on  Patanjali’s Coronil medicine has been lifted. Yoga Guru Ramdev told the media on Wednesday that the AYUSH ministry has lifted the ban on selling of Coronil. He has now claimed to the end of controversy running over the past week on Coronil Vati and Sashanari Vati made by Patanjali Divya Pharmacy.

He said that the Ministry of AYUSH has made it clear that there is no dispute about Coronil medicine. Now the Ministry of AYUSH has given a clean chit to these medicines, saying that it can be used as a booster to increase the immunity of human body.

On Wednesday after receiving a clean chit from the AYUSH ministry, Swami Ramdev held a press conference at  Patanjali Yogpeeth along with  Acharya Balkrishna and scientist Dr Anurag Varshney. He said that the medicine was used on Corona affected patients and the disease was cured, but the whole matter is about the confusion of words. The drug can be termed as used for Corona ‘treatment’ or management of Corona disease.

The reality is that this drug acts as a booster. This medicine makes the man healthy by eliminating the effects of coronavirus. He said that all claims including licence for making the drug including clinical trials, manufacturing of medicines were performed according to government standards. Let us know that Patanjali launched Corona’s first Ayurvedic medicine Coronil as a kit on 23 June. He further said that the ministry has a problem with the word ‘cure’ in connection with the disease. But if the Coronil could be used on Covid-19 patient it shall help the patient to recover with 100% surety.


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