Law of the Judiciary- Saudi Arabia

The hearings of the case and the hearing at which the judgment is rendered shall be attended by the number of the judges that is legally required. If the required number of judges is not available, other judges shall be assigned to obtain the required quorum for proceeding with the case. Judgment shall be rendered unanimously or by a majority vote. A dissenting judge shall explain his dissent and the reasons therefore in the case record. The majority shall explain its opinion by addressing the dissenter’s opinion in the case record.

Royal Decree No.M/64, 14 Rajab 1395 [23 July 1975]


Umm al-Qura No.2592, 29 Sha’ban 1395 [5 September 1975]

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Law of Criminal Procedure- SAUDI ARABIA

Thu Jul 2 , 2020
Courts shall apply Shari'ah principles, as derived from the Qur'an and Sunnah (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) to the cases that are brought before them. They shall also apply laws promulgated by the state that do not contradict the provisions of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and shall comply with the procedure set forth in this Law. The provisions of this Law shall apply to criminal cases that have not been decided and to proceedings that have not been completed prior to the implementation thereof.

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