China seeks upholding bilateral relations with India


July 3, 2020

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s Regular Press Conference on July 3, 2020

Phoenix TV: According to reports, India’s transport minister said Chinese companies will be barred from constructing the country’s roads and highways. In the last few days, we also witnessed a lag in customs clearance for shipments originating from China. Previously, India announced a ban on over 50 Chinese apps. Does China have any comment on these measures taken by the Indian side? Does China believe they will affect China-India cooperation? Are China and India in any consultation on these matters?

Zhao Lijian: In recent days some politicians in India have kept issuing irresponsible remarks that are detrimental to China-India relations. It calls for concerted efforts on both sides to maintain China-India relations. India should work with China for the same goal and uphold the overall interests of our bilateral relations.

China-India practical cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win in nature. Artificially setting up barriers for such cooperation not only violates WTO rules, but also hurts India’s interests. China will take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights of Chinese businesses.

PTI: In response to what you just said about the ban by India of some of the apps as well as the minister’s comment, you know the context in which Indian has done this, purely on the security-related issues. And there is also the issues related at the border. So against the background of all this, you think Indians are not justified in taking this particular action?

Zhao Lijian: I already stated China’s position very clearly just now.

I would like to stress that China hopes that India will work with us, follow faithfully the important consensus reached between the two leaders, abide by the agreements reach between the two governments, strengthen communication and coordination on properly managing the current situation through diplomatic and military channels, and jointly uphold peace and stability in the border areas.

At the same time, we need to see that China and India, both major developing countries, bear the historic mission of accelerating national development and rejuvenation. Hence, acts of mutual respect and mutual support represent the right track and also conform to the long-term interests of both countries, whereas those of mutual distrust and friction belong to an evil path and go against the fundamental aspirations of the two peoples. China and India should follow the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries and uphold overall bilateral relations. India should avoid a strategic miscalculation with regard to China.

Kyodo News: First question, reports say Indian Prime Minister Modi visited China-India border areas today. Can you comment on that?

Zhao Lijian: On your first question, China and India are in communication with each other through military and diplomatic channels. Neither side should make any move that may complicate the border situation.


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