Know the items which can not be imported into Saudi Arabia under any condition

Prohibited & Restricted Commodities

The following goods are not allowed to be imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
under any circumstances and will be destroyed upon arrival at the Saudi border.

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Alcohol distilling equipment
  3. All animal blood products
  4. All kinds of Liquor, or items containing liquor as an ingredient
  5. All narcotics without exception regardless of form.(Including poppy seeds)
  6. Annoying car horns or horns that play tunes
  7. Antiques & works Art
  8. Asbestos
  9. Blank invoices for companies established abroad
  10. Christmas Trees
  11. Counterfeit products that bear the brand of a manufacture or brand name of a
    commercial product, or a commercial title,
  12. Crosses, Crucifixes or stars of David
  13. Dangerous goods, hazardous or chemical combination materials
  14. Dogs except with permission from the Saudi Arabian embassy in origin country
  15. Explosives except by licensed importers
  16. Firearms & parts thereof
  17. Frogs meat
  18. Furs & Ivory
  19. Gambling devices or Slot machines
  20. Gemstones
  21. Jewellery
  22. Label and packing material (can be imported only if consignee has a license
    agreement with the shipper or with permission from the customs authority
  23. Laser pens or pointers
  24. Masks
  25. Massage equipment indecently packaged
  26. Musical greeting cards
  27. Night vision binoculars or similar items
  28. Nutmeg, seeds & powder thereof
  29. Phonographic/Audio Visual media products, subject to authorization by the Ministry of Information
  30. Pigs (Swine) and pork products
  31. Pornography
  32. Postal envelopes
  33. Soil samples
  34. Spawn of silk-worms, any kinds of soil, leaf, stem, straw and natural manure used for agriculture,
  35. Tobacco advertising materials
  36. Used tires or retread tires

Source: Saudi Arabian Import Guide

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