‘Why did you raise this point’- SC rebuked, imposed fine on lawyer while dismissing petition complaining bias on part of Registry

A virtual Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra on Monday dismissed a writ petition seeking to order the Secretary-General and the Registrar, for not giving priority to any reputed or influential lawyer. The Apex Court has issued the verdict by a phone call. The Supreme Court directed the petitioner not to charge the registry of being biased.  Justice Arun Mishra heard the arguments from lawyer Reepak Kansal and other parties and adjourned the matter to Monday.

‘Why did you raise this point?’ The bench asked the petitioner during the last hearing. The lawyer said that the cases of prominent and influential lawyers were listed, but not cases of lawyers who were not reputable. He further petitioned that his another petition for seeking an order for One Nation One Ration Card was not listed for hearing while less important matters were listed filed by some influential sections.

The Top court while imposing a fine of Rs 100/- on the lawyer, cautioned that being a member of Bar he should not pick up allegations against the Registry of the Supreme Court. The virtual court asked him to be responsible henceforth and ask to appreciate that fact that the officers of the Supreme court have been working day and night for the lawyers. It further commented that now it became a trend to accusing the registry for not listing cases.

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