Statement by Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın on Israel’s Attempt to Annex Palestinian Territories- 02/07/2020


Yazdır Yazıları Büyült Yazıları Küçült

The move to put into action the plan to annex the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley is a new attempt by Israel to usurp the Palestinian territories.

We as Turkey support the Palestinians’ decision to act together in a spirit of national accord against Israel’s annexation plan.

We believe that the national accord, the Palestinian people established against the annexation attempt, will render the much-needed spirit of unity and solidarity permanent.

We once again underscore that Israel’s annexation and occupation attempt, which disregards the international law, has no legitimacy.

The international community must react in the strongest way against these illegitimate attempts and protect the Palestinian people’s rights against Israel’s occupation and annexation policy.

Turkey will continue to stand with the Palestinian people in their just and legitimate cause.


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