Ready reckoner for Bangladesh Court Fees

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 Refer: Court-fees Act, 1870

All Fees referred to in section 3 or chargeable under this Act, shall be collected either by receipts or stamps or through electronically or digitally or, in case of scarcity of stamps or non- availability of electronic or digital means, in cash:

Provided that fees chargeable for serving and executing processes issued by a Certificate-officer in the proceedings in execution of certificates filed for recovery of land revenue or rent may be collected in cash or through electronically or digitally.


Nature of Suits

Court Fees

1 Money Suits Ad valorem
2 Suit for Damages and Compensation Ad valorem
3 Suit for moveable property having market value Ad valorem
4 Suit for moveable property having no market value Ad valorem
5 Suit for Recovery of Possession u/s 9 of SR Act Half of Ad valorem
6 Suit for Injunction Ad valorem
7 Pre-Emption under Muslim Law Ad valorem
8 Suit for Cancellation of Deed Ad valorem
9 Suit for Rectification of Deed Ad valorem
10 Suit for Recession of Contract Ad valorem
11 Suit for Declaration of Title and Consequential Relief Ad valorem
12 Suit for Specific Performance of Contract Ad valorem
13 Suit for Easement Rights Ad valorem
14 Suit for Redemption of Mortgage Property Ad valorem
15 Suit for Foreclosure Ad valorem
16 Suit for Dower Fixed
17 Suit for Maintenance Fixed
18 Suit for Restitution of Conjugal Rights Fixed
19 Suit for Divorce Fixed
20 Suit for Guardianship Fixed
21 Suit for Simple Declaration Fixed
22 Suit for Partition and Separate Possession Ad valorem
23 Pre-emption case U/S 96 of SA&T and U/S 24 NAT Fixed
24 Suit for Simple Partition Fixed
25 Suit for Recovery of land, Building and Garden Ad valorem
26 Suit for Recovery of Possession u/s 8 of Specific Relief Act Ad valorem
27 Suit for Rent Ad valorem
28 Suit for Setting aside a decree Ad valorem
29 Suit for Declaration and Injunction Ad valorem
30 Court Fees in Appeal and Revision *
31 Suit for Setting aside an attachment Ad valorem
32 Suit does not fall u/s 7 (i-xi) Ad valorem
33 Declaratory suit when not in possession Ad valorem
34 Declaratory suit when in possession Fixed

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Suit Valuation:  1- up to TK. 2,00,000/- Assistant Judge Suit Valuation: 2,00,001- 4,00,000/- Senior Assistant Judge Suit Valuation: 4,00,001- Unlimited – Joint District Judge

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